I would just like to thank and commend you on the new Engage Dog Food. A newly opened pet shop in Dundrum, Equipet, kindly recommended this product for our four adopted dogs from the DSPCA.

Lisa's two Shepherds and Jack Russell

We have had so much trouble with our German and Belgian Shepherd as they have very delicate stomachs and most foods goes straight through them, they won't eat it, makes them ill etc.Since changing to this food, all of our dogs and have really good bowel movements, and their coats are extra shiny!

The Engage Dog Food range has worked wonders, all of our four dogs now eat it constantly. Especially first thing in the morning, which they have never done before.

We have tried several dog food brands and won't look back!  We would highly recommend the Engage Dog Food range to other dog owners, particularly owners of Shepherds.