Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow is a dual purpose German shorthaired pointer, who has been raised on Engage Dog Food by Connolly’s RED MILLS from the age of eight weeks. The quality of the ingredients and high standards of veterinary control initially won us over from the other well known brands. Bradley Dymond's Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow

We started him on Engage Mother & Puppy to give him the best start in life. This food gave him everything a growing pup should have and we fed this up until he was 18 months old. Then we changed over to Engage Salmon & Rice and he is performing well on it.

By the age of 21 months he won his first Field Trials Award, plus multiple wins in Working Tests. The day before his second birthday he competed at Crufts, where we won the GSP Field Trial Dog Class and went on to win the Reserve Dog CC. In his critique from the Crufts judge, it says that Marsh Mellow was "in hard condition, which was sadly lacking in lots of exhibits today".

The Connolly’s RED MILLS Engage feed range gives my dogs everything they need to keep them in perfect working condition. The slow and steady release of the energy in these feeds gives my dogs the stamina to keep them working all day.