Your choice of puppy is just as personal as your choice of car or your choice of home, and everyone has his or her own particular taste.

Whatever type of dog you think you would like, we urge you to make sure that they will fit into your lifestyle – and your family’s lifestyle.

So don’t just go for the most beautiful looking dog - ask yourself some key questions before you bring your puppy home:

Find out as much as possible before you buy

With the arrival of the Internet, it's never been easier to carry out research into different breeds of dogs, so make sure you’ve done your legwork before taking a new puppy home.

Also, talk to other people who have the same breed of dog, and ask them what the pros and cons might be. You could also attend your local dog show and talk to dog-owners or breeders for helpful advice.

Don’t forget to spend some time with the puppy before you take it home, to make sure that it has the sort of personality that will fit in with your family – particularly if you have young children. Most breeders will encourage several visits between new owners and puppies.

Bringing your puppy home

Before you bring your puppy home you should -