The best time to bring a new kitten home is over a quiet weekend when you’re not expecting the whole family to be around. If you don’t have a cat carrier, perhaps you can borrow one for the journey to the kitten’s new home.

When your kitten arrives, try to keep things as calm as possible – no loud music blaring on the radio and maybe turn off the TV. Make sure there are no hazards such as dangerous house plants, and tidy up any loose wires that may be on view. You should have decided in advance where your kitten will sleep – and what it will eat out of. For sleeping, a quiet corner is perfect.

When you're approaching the kitten, do so quietly and slowly. If you have visitors during those early days, avoid passing the kitten around. You will gain its trust by being its primary handler and main protector.

As your kitten becomes more assured and starts to explore its new surroundings, make sure that there’s nothing in the room that can harm it.

Dangers include anything from a plastic bag that could choke the kitten to electric wires, heavy irons, pesticides, weed killer or medicines.

If your kitten has a happy relaxed time during those early days, chances are that it will grow up to be a confident, well-adjusted cat.