It’s only natural that when you bring your new kitten home, it will miss its mother and siblings. If showing signs of distress, simply pick it up, stroke it gently and speak soothingly.

You could also try wrapping a hot water bottle in a towel to simulate the heat of its siblings, and leave a ticking alarm clock near them to simulate its mother’s heartbeat.

Ease your kitten in gently to the routine of your household a little at a time. For the first couple of days, confine them to one room, where water and food and litter box will be kept.  As it gets comfortable in this environment, eventually introduce your kitten to the rest of the house bit by bit. Eventually, you can let it roam and explore at will – just as in the wild.

Handling your kitten

If you have children in the household, they'll love to handle the new kitten – but make sure they know how to do so properly. Always supervise your children when playing with the new kitten – and be careful about letting their friends start handling it roughly or in a teasing manner.

The best way to pick up a kitten is as follows: