Different types of cats will need different amounts of grooming for their coat. In general, a longhaired cat will require more maintenance. Regardless of the length of their coat, it is advisable to brush your cat on a regular basis - this should help decrease the formation of hairballs in the stomach when the cat grooms itself.

Cat influenza

We have all heard of the ‘Cat Flu’ and if you are getting a cat, you should make sure you know about this disease. It can become a real problem if not properly managed. It is highly contagious among cats and is spread by a cat simply inhaling the virus from the atmosphere.

The symptoms of cat influenza can include lethargy, loss of appetite, discharge from eyes and nose and they may run a temperature. If you find your cat has the flu, you must isolate it straight away to ensure the disease does not spread - and also give it time to recover.

You need to make sure your kitten/cat receives the necessary vaccinations from your vet to keep it safe from disease. They will also need to receive regular boosters - you can get all the necessary information from your vet. Your cat will also require regular worming.


Your cats need to visit your vet on a regular basis to receive  their necessary vaccinations. When you get your new kitten/cat, try to find out if they have any vaccinations. If you have a stray cat, you should assume not and ask the vet for advice on what vaccinations are necessary.

Your cat will need to be vaccinated against the following: