Final Focus - The Road to Cheltenham

Connolly's RED MILLS on 30 April 2019

The countdown is on for the final of the 12th Connolly’s RED MILLS Intermediate Point-to-Point Series. Ahead of Friday’s big race, we caught up with Beverley Thomas, trainer and part owner of entered runner Captain McGinley.
Horse: Captain McGinley, 9yo
Trainer: Beverley Thomas
Owners: Adrian Simpson, John Griffiths, Beverley Thomas
Jockey: Bradley Gibbs
Qualifying fixture: Monmouth Showground, 30th March
Tell about Captain McGinley
We bought him at the end of 2017 point-to-point season, he’d been running under rules albeit not very successfully. We ran him in a maiden at the end of the season, which he won, before we turned him away for a bit of a holiday. Unfortunately, he knocked himself at the very start of the season last year and as a result actually missed the whole of the season! But he’s come back and been on gfreat form this season. He is a lovely horse to do and we thoroughly enjoy having him around; he’s a lovely horse to ride - I ride him myself and he’s just fabulous!
What has his season been like?
After the injury (that put him out for last season) we started him again this year and he won his restricted in Ffos Las comfortably. Having been in the lead, he hit the last but one fence in an intermediate run at Chipley Park (Taunton) which knocked him a bit and he ended up second. Then he won the RED MILLS intermediate nicely at Monmouth.
Are you looking forward to Friday?
I am looking forward to Friday but I am praying for some rain. He is a big horse who wants a little bit of give in the ground, there is some forecast for Wednesday so just hoping that we get that, fingers crossed!
Have you been doing anything outside of the norm in preparation for Friday?
Not really no, we are very much amateurs and train on a farm. We’ve managed to keep going without having to travel to any gallops and rain has just managed to come each time the ground has started to get a bit firm. Incidentally we have switched to feeding RED MILLS this year after being introduced to the feed by John Mathias (the Wales and West rep who has previously won the Intermediate Series Final). Having fed another brand for about 40 years, first in eventing before I hung up my boots and switched to training a few pointers, I have been absolutely delighted with the results.
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