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Winged Crusader flies to the top

Written by Connolly's RED MILLS on 13 September 2019

Last year’s Connolly’s RED MILLS National Point-to-Point Champion Horse leader board was a close-run affair. Amie Waugh’s Winged Crusader came away with the title, so we caught up with her to find out more about Thomas, as he’s known at home, her winning season and future plans.

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“I am very very lucky”

Written by Connolly's RED MILLS on 02 May 2019

Owning a horse that runs and wins at Cheltenham, the home of jump racing, is the stuff of dreams. Claiming back-to-back victories and completing the same feat two years on the trot is unheard of but that’s what owner Anna Reed and trainer Richard Bandey achieved; having won the Connolly’s RED MILLS Intermediate Series Point-to-Point Final in 2017, they successfully defended their title in 2018.

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Final Focus - The Road to Cheltenham

Written by Connolly's RED MILLS on 30 April 2019

The countdown is on for the final of the 12th Connolly’s RED MILLS Intermediate Point-to-Point Series. Ahead of Friday’s big race, we caught up with Beverley Thomas, trainer and part owner of entered runner Captain McGinley.

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Assessing your horse’s body condition score

Assessing your horse’s body condition score regularly is a very useful tool when analysing your horses health. This is particularly important at times of the year where some horses’ are prone to sudden weight gain (summer) and weight loss (winter). 


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Colic Part 1: Types of Colic

Colic is a term used to describe abdominal pain and is the most common disorder occuring in the gastrointestinal tract. Colic is a broad term used to describe a range of more specific problems and there are many types of colic horses can suffer from. This article takes a look at these. 

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Feeding the Event Horse

Eventing is recognised as one of the toughest equestrian sports due to the complexity of the three disciplines involved. Nutrition plays a major role in optimising performance, directly influencing speed, strength, stamina and temperament plus delaying the onset of fatigue and improving post-exercise recovery times.

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