It’s all in the genes – five generations of Connollys have written the story of RED MILLS -

It’s difficult to pin down that something special that defines a family business. Obviously, there’s an extra level of personal involvement, but that doesn’t quite explain the indefinable quality  that’s driven Connolly’s RED MILLS steadily forward for over a century, and that’s burning even more brightly today than it ever was.

At present, there are no fewer than four Connollys involved in the day-to-day management of the company, including our CEO, Joe Connolly, and fellow Directors, Bill, Michael and Gareth – who is the fifth generation of the clan.

And to hammer home the point of how family is the bedrock of everything we do, the grandmother of the latest generation of Connollys lives on her old homestead, which is right in the middle of our manufacturing campus.

She’s perfectly placed to keep a weather eye on everything we do – and to make sure that the current generation is living up to the values and the vision that our business was built on. A more demanding taskmaster would be hard to find anywhere!

Right throughout the lineage from Michael Connolly and his son, William, in 1908, through to Liam, Joe and now Gareth – plus some siblings along the way – the core values have remained the same.

We are committed to being experts in all we do – and in sharing this expertise generously with our customers right across our product range. We even provide direct access to veterinary or nutritional advice from our experts.

We also believe in approachability, which means that our customers never have any trouble in getting through to the people who make the decisions.

Simplicity, too, is a core part of how we do business, and our reputation for quality has been built on using the finest of fresh, natural products to provide the feed of champions.

We also believe in transparency and honesty, and willingly share the makeup of all our products with our customers.

And perhaps one of the traits that has most defined us as a business – and as a family – is that we strongly believe we’re simply caretakers, ready to hand over to the company to the next generation in a stronger position than when we took over.