Louise Jones BSc. (Hons) Eq. Science 

Louise Jones - Equine Nutritionist
In 1999 Louise qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science, during which she specialised in breeding science and went onto graduate with an MSc in Equine Science in 2000.   She is also one of only a handful of registered equine nutritionists in the UK.
Time with RED MILLS and your experience with the company* Louise joined RED MILLS in August last year. She says ‘I am delighted to have joined Connolly’s RED MILLS extensive team. It is a fantastic company with a proven track-record in providing the very best scientifically advanced nutrition solutions for peak performance.’
Work background in previous jobs* Louise has worked as an equine nutritionist for over 15 years. Having completed her Masters Louise worked for Dodson & Horrell for over a decade.  Louise has an extensive understanding of stud, clinical and performance horse nutrition, and has worked with trainers and breeders in the UK, Continental Europe and the Middle East.
Career highlights - of interest to customers*
Louise has carried out a number of scientific research projects and regularly lectures on all aspects of nutrition.  She is passionate about performance horse nutrition and counts herself lucky to have worked with some of the UK’s top trainers, breeders and riders.
What are you most passionate about professionally? What excites you 
about your job and the contribution you can make? *
Louise’s main area of interest is how optimal nutrition can influence the equine athlete throughout their life. She knows that the practical application of nutritional science can influence both the health and performance of the horse and is excited about working with our clients to ensure they get the very best from their horses.
Job related interests outside of work*
Unfortunately, Louise’s busy schedule means that she no longer has her own horses.  However, her interest in nutrition is not restricted to the equine world, and having recently moved to a small farm she is busy extending her knowledge on livestock and poultry nutrition.

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