Connolly's RED MILLS horse feeds are made using only the highest grade ingredients, including whole cereals, super fibres and oils. We never use low grade ingredients or fillers in our feeds. With RED MILLS products you can feed your horse in the most natural way making for a healthier horse and better performance.

Little or often

The horse is a herbivore that has evolved to graze for around 16 hours a day, to cater for a very small stomach. Therefore when stabling a horse, it is important to provide plenty of good forage to keep their stomach and digestive system healthy.

When feeding concentrates such as cubes, mixes or straight cereals, it is important to feed as many small meals a day as possible.

The stomach

The stomach naturally secretes acids to begin the breakdown of the food into smaller particles. Grazing or eating forages stimulates production of saliva that helps buffer the stomach acid and keep the stomach healthy at an optimum pH. The stomach can only hold about 8-15 litres.

Restriction of forage is one of the key factors in the development of gastric ulcers. A horse should eat a minimum of 1.5% of its bodyweight in forage (dry matter) each a day.

The small intestine

Cereals, cubes and mixes are digested in the small intestine and provide the horse with energy, proteins, oils, vitamins and minerals. The feed moves through the small intestine in a matter of hours, so it is important to feed a highly digestible feed to get the most nutrition for your horse.

All Connolly’s RED MILLS feeds are carefully cooked. We use steam flaking, extrusion and double pelleting to ensure we achieve maximum digestibility in all of our feeds. Our on-site laboratory monitors the YSI – cook value.

Our unique process directly benefits your horse through optimum digestion in the small intestine. If the food is not digested properly, it flows through to the large intestine where it can cause problems such as laminitis, colic and ‘bad behaviour’, as undigested particles encourage the growth of bad bacteria and unbalances the digestive system.

The large intestine

Forages and super fibres are digested in the large intestine by bacteria. These bacteria feed upon digestive chyme, and also produce certain fat-soluble vitamins which are absorbed by the horse.

The best sources of fibre for your horse are grass, hay and haylage. In our feed, we use super fibres - fibre sources with a higher energy content, such as soya bean hulls and sugar beet pulp that offer an alternative source of energy to cereals. You should provide good grass, hay or haylage for your horse every day.

Research & Development

Connolly’s RED MILLS is committed to developing new products and improving formulations on an on-going basis. We work closely with vets and research departments of leading universities to bring the latest in nutritional technology to our products, and to you, our valued customers.

Fresh from the field

All our feeds are based on whole grains, which are important for the health of the horse. We choose only the finest ingredients including oats, barley, maize, soya beans and Irish grass meal for a naturally balanced feed.

Cooked to perfection

Our cooking system increases nutritional value, palatability and digestibility for the horse. Our cereals are cooked up to a gelatinization of 84%, which we constantly test to ensure maximum nutrient absorption in the horse.

The cooking methods are:


We mix our quality ingredients to suit the needs of the horse, providing a range of natural energy and protein sources. We use sugar cane molasses and soya oil for dust-free feeds that are highly palatable.

Quality control

Our onsite laboratory plays a key role in delivering feed of outstanding quality every day. All of our ingredients are tested from harvest to final product, and we use the latest technology including LCMSMS to test for any naturally occurring prohibited substances - down to a level of parts per billion!

Delivered to the world

Connolly’s RED MILLS is established right across the world. You will find us wherever you find high performance horse, including Ireland, the UK, Europe, the USA or Japan.

The feed of winners

Results speak louder than words. Almost every major horse race in the world has been won by a horse fed or bred on Connolly’s RED MILLS feeds. We feed winners across the globe, from breeding to racing, and from showjumping to eventing.

Precision nutrition since 1908

At Connolly’s RED MILLS, we have been producing high quality animal feeds since 1908. Five generations of our family have been intimately involved in developing our unique concept called PRECISION NUTRITION.

The PRECISION NUTRITION concept is to be found across every aspect of our product. From our unparalleled cooking system to our leading quality control protocols, everything we do is designed to maximize the athletic potential of the horse.

Precision ingredients

Connolly’s RED MILLS horse feeds are made using only highly nutritious ingredients including cereals, super fibres and oils. We do not use lower grade ingredients or fillers. With RED MILLS products, you can feed your horse in the most natural way, with small, easy-to-digest meals, making for a healthier horse and better performance.

Precision quality

Our state of the art laboratory tests out feeds to ensure they meet our declarations for protein, oils, fibre, ash and vitamins and minerals. Nutritional consistency is essential for the health and performance of the horse.

Precision benefits

Our range of over twenty products offers a tailor-made range that caters for every life stage and level of activity. With our PRECISION NUTRITION process you will benefit from our experience and a range of products that have stood the test of time.