• All our foods can be fed dry or wet - depending on personal preferences.

• If you steep the food in water, use LUKEWARM (not boiling) water and feed within 30 minutes of soaking. Boiling water can damage the flavour and some of the nutrients. 
• If you are introducing Connolly’s RED MILLS greyhound feed as the sole diet to a greyhound, do so over a ten day period, gradually replacing the old diet.
• Greyhounds are creatures of habit and their routines are very important to them. Feeding at the same time each day is generally recommended.  
• Remove any leftovers from the previous meal and thoroughly clean dishes before adding fresh feed. Question the reason for any unfinished feed.
• Keep water and feed bowls scrupulously clean. Feed should also be kept out of reach of birds and rats, especially for pups, to reduce the risk of potential contamination.
• Fresh clean water must always be available. Their consumption varies depending on all sorts of factors, including the temperature, their activity levels and the moisture content of their food, especially if feeding dry nuts.
• RED MILLS complete dog feeds do not require dietary supplementation, unless under veterinary advice. Do not add bone meal as this unbalances the calcium to phosphorous ratio, which interferes with correct bone formation in young dogs.
•An overdose of protein is a common cause of skin irritations and can be a factor in aggression between young dogs.

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