To perform to their maximum potential, racing greyhounds require a specific combination of nutrients, encouraging optimum speed, stamina, and endurance on the track.


RED MILLS Racer is a complete balanced diet for racing greyhounds. It is a high performance complete feed, designed to meet the needs of racing dogs in training. At 27% protein and 15% oil, it provides the optimum level of protein and energy for your racing dog and conveniently provides totally balanced nutrition.

RED MILLS Racer is a complete feed but can also be fed with meat. If you do decide to use meat, use the leanest meat available. When feeding meat reduce the amount of Racer by one third of the amount of meat fed.
For dogs in sustained strenuous training RED MILLS XCEL may be used. At 32% protein and 20% oil this provides the extra protein and energy required for these dogs.
RED MILLS Racer and RED MILLS XCEL can be fed either wet or dry. If feeding wet remember to use only lukewarm water. If feeding dry remember to have a clean fresh supply of water freely available.. 

Exercise and General Health

Ensure that you monitor the health and wellbeing of your racing dog on a regular basis and seek veterinary advice if necessary. 
You should also make sure that your racing dog is wormed regularly.

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