Pups (up until approximately 10-12 months) 

The golden rule for feeding puppies is “feed little and often”. From approximately 4 weeks onwards, the pups can be fed RED MILLS Xcel - soaked in lukewarm water and to form a porridge like consistency. RED MILLS Xcel contains 32% protein and 20% oil and is an ideal way of making sure they get the protein and energy that they require.
Ideally young pups should be fed 4 – 5 times a day.
At approximately 12 weeks of age pups may be introduced to dry Xcel. Ensure there is a plentiful supply of clean fresh water. In addition the frequency of feeding at this stage can be reduced to 3-4 times per day ideally.
Any sudden changes in diet may cause pups to have digestive upsets and loose stools, so make sure new foods are introduced slowly over a couple of days. Remember to ensure that plenty of clean, fresh water is always available to the pups throughout the day.
General health advice for young pups is to have them vaccinated as per your Vet’s advice, and kept worm-free. Worming will happen throughout the life of a greyhound, usually every 6 weeks or so.

Saplings (12-18 months)

Once the young greyhound has reached the age of 12 months, they have come to the end of the rapid growth phase. Between the ages of 12 – 18 months, before they go into training, you may find the protein level in Racer and XCEL is too high (which can lead to skin irrritations and aggression between young dogs).
A 50:50 combination of RED MILLS Racer and RED MILLS Tracker is suitable during this period.
Access to clean water is paramount for these energetic young greyhounds, and again, the freedom to exercise is important. Remember to monitor their health closely and ensure worming is carried out at regular intervals.

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